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Hola! Welcome to my website! I am a recent graduate from ASU in Psychology and plan to receive my masters in Art Therapy! I teach children’s art classes and face paint for kid’s parties and events as well. If you are interested in a custom painting, pet portrait, mural, children’s art session or face paint session for your child’s party feel free to let me know! Peace & Love

-Tawny Margaret Gamboa :)

480 694 4040

fb page- Arte Del Amor-Tawny Gamboa

Instagram- Tawnymg3



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  • Jesse Cole Guthery


    I was curious if you are willing to be commissioned to do a piece?



    • tawny

      Hi Jesse, I will be happy to paint you something. Do you have any style/theme in mind? Canvas size etc?

      -Tawny Gamboa

  • Jason hurst

    hey there… just going through a stack of papers and found your card you passed on at the tempe farmer’s market. your art comes off very vibrant like & you did a really good job with your webpage. see you at the farmers market perhaps. ( :

    • tawny

      Thank you Jason! Greatly Appreciated. I hope to be at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. Have a great day! :)

  • Drew

    Absolutely amazing work! A friend of yours showed me some of your work on his phone, an I was amazed! Keep up the incredible work! Have you ever thought of doing “artist in residency” programs?

    • tawny

      Thank you Drew! Wishing you well!